Celebration Cheese Tower

Celebration Cheese Cake

Cheese celebration towers are becoming more and more popular at events such as weddings and birthdays. 

At FDL cheese we allow you to customise every layer of your cake, allowing you to pick how many layers you would like, what cheese is used and how many it will feed. We ask that you order the cake at least three weeks before the event so that it arrives in time. Our cakes do not come decorated so you can be as creative as you like with them, because of this our cakes are more affordable than those in supermarkets and can be customised to fit your style and need.

The image on the left is from a customer who purchased one of our cakes and decorated it using grapes, figs, wood, and pine cones.

Below are some examples of how the cakes can be constructed and how many they would feed. If you are interested in ordering one of our cakes please fill out a form on the contact page or phone us on 01509 767475.