pizza cheese

Pizza Cheese

Available as 100% mozzarella and in two mozzarella / cheddar blends: 80/20 and 70/30.

Mozzarella is the number one choice for use on pizzas because of its stretching and melting properties.  We stock several varieties of high quality grated mozzarella ranging from a lower cost Grated 70/30 through to our own FDL Suprima 100% Mozzarella.

  • Elite
  • Spinneyfields
  • Dansco
  • FDL Suprima
  • FDL Grated
    • A market leading product - the quality of FDL Grated is never compromised, it has continued to deliver consistent, melt stretch and taste results throughout its many years on the market.

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pizza cheese

The classic Italian cheese for pizza!

Mozzarella cheese was first made in Naples and records date it’s production as far back as the 12th century.

Traditionally, it was made using buffalo milk, hence its full name Buffalo Mozzarella but these days most manufacturers use cow’s milk.